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Meet the team


Magnus S. Olsen

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Mikkel Pelle

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Our Vision

At PRÆG you will find products that are exclusively made from the best materials. They are made for the purpose of holding, no matter if it is leather, cotton or something third. IMPRINT is a new brand in the industry. This gives us at PRÆG the opportunity to focus on climate and sustainability from the start. Our Statement Bags are made of a type of leather that can last for many years and therefore does not need to be replaced due to wear. All our t-shirts are made from 100% organic, ring-spun and combed cotton, which makes them some of the best on the market when it comes to sustainability and quality. In addition, our shipping bags and packaging are made from partially recycled plastic.


We hope you will support our project and can see many of our values ​​in your own. We love to design clothes and take as our starting point what we ourselves lack in our wardrobe when we design clothes.

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